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1st Year Students

What The Bible Teaches

This course simply and distinctly explains the answer to this all-important question. As you study this course, you will discover what the God of the Bible is like, what separates men and women from God, the value of Christ's death and resurrection, and how you can have a personal relationship with God.

Soul Winning

A class designed to teach the students how to witness to people with a practical method to impact and lead them to Jesus Christ.

3rd Year Students

Christian Doctrine

A class designed to teach the student who they are in Christ and what the Bible says about them. The student will learn how to rightly divide the Word, overcome negative thinking patterns and experience the freedom that comes from knowing

God's word.



This course examines the doctrine of salvation with an emphasis on the holiness of God and His gracious love for fallen man.






Masters 1 Students

Church Administration

This course focuses on the development of spiritual sensitivity, financial, operational, and managerial skills to support sound leadership.


This course will cover introductory themes
and processes of Biblical interpretation,
and will compare and critique varying approaches and their significance toward understanding the Bible, understanding theology, and knowing God personally.

2nd Year Students

New Testament Survey

A two-part study of the New Testament, the books authors, scope, theme, and purpose.

Old Testament Survey

A two-part study of the Old Testament of the Bible emphasizing major themes, characters, historical events, geography, and cultures of the times..

4th Year (Bachelor) Students

Systematic Theology

A Study of the Spirit, Soul and Body. The ordinary concept of the constitution of human beings is dualistic—soul and body. According to this concept soul is the invisible inner spiritual part, while body is the visible outer corporal part.

Rock of Ages & the Age of Rock

This course examines the traces contemporary Christianity and Christian music to the sixteenth century and the Protestant Reformation after examining music in the Bible and early church.

Masters 2


A study on. To discover and develop one’s voice and sense of authority for preaching. To begin to articulate a "theology of preaching," a "theology for preaching," and "theology from preaching." To incorporate responsible methods of biblical interpretation for preaching. To learn various approaches of sermon development and performance.

Advanced Interpretation

This course is an exploration into a code embedded into the Book of Genesis – a hidden communication that discloses the redemptive plan of God and gives us a portrait of the coming Messiah..

Graduate Specialist


A two-part, in-depth study of the end times prophecy.

Bible Prophecy

An in depth look at the Major and Minor Prophets and who they were assigned to.


Acts of the Apostles

This course gives us a glimpse into the lives of Jesus' apostles. The subtitle, " Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Results," reminds us that it was God's Holy Spirit, working through Word and Sacrament, who brought about the miraculous results recorded in the book of Acts.

Dissertation/Thesis WritingThis course is a guide for master′s and doctoral students demystifying the process of writing your master′s thesis or doctoral dissertation by taking you through the process one step at a time.

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